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Durga Coconut Tree Safety Nets In Bangalore provide coconut safety netting, which protects people and vehicles from falling coconuts and other objects. Coconuts are frequently seen falling from trees, sometimes injuring bystanders. Prevent this type of situation by installing coconut nets in your homes, apartments, and workplace. Durga safety nets are a wide range of coconut safety nets in Bangalore that are popular due to their high strength, thickness, and fine finishing.

Our company sells Coconut Tree Safety Nets In Bangalore in a variety of sizes and colours to our customers at the lowest market prices. Durga Safety Nets uses only ISO certified safety nets and well tested safety nets from renowned brands such as Garware, Tuff ropes, and HDPE material for our customers’ long durability and consistency.

Coconuts provide us with incredible benefits that benefit us in the most positive way. Coconut is the most popular fruit in the country, and it is an important part of our diet throughout India. Coconut trees can be found all over the country, and you’re bound to come across a few in your own neighbourhood. However, there is one risk associated with coconut trees that have sprouted up here and there. And what could it be? When coconuts ripen, they tend to fall off the trees at any time. Because these coconuts are so heavy, anyone or animal who falls on them will be severely injured. It can sometimes result in a life-threatening situation. So, how are you going to do it?

Our coconut tree nets Bangalore are made of high-quality, durable materials that are strong enough to catch coconuts that fall to the ground. They are strong and long-lasting, so when several coconuts fall on them, they do not tear or break apart. Durga Nets’ nets are made of high-quality HDPE Nylon materials that can withstand the weight and power of a falling coconut. When you instal these nets around the coconut trees, you can rest assured that you are completely safe from any falling coconuts from the trees.

100% Reliable, Trusted & Effective Bird and Pigeon Control Services

Aside from being dependable, we are also reasonably priced for any bird control services.

Total customer satisfaction and safety is our top priority.

  • Available 24/7 at 9742262243

  • Over 12+ Years Experience

  • 100% Effective Solutions

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Quick Response

  • Assured Lowest Price

We use the highest standards in service procedures and provide our technicians with the ongoing training required to provide the aforementioned services.

Our Specification and Benefits

  • Sizes available –  30mm / 40mm square shapes
  • Supported 304 Wire Rope. (To create a strong border to wall periphery)
  • The net is made of nylon, which is durable, strong and weather resistant.
  • The net is UV light stabilized for better durability. Also it is heat treated to prevent knot spillage.
  • Dust Proof Net is also available with Us, Which is Transparent in Color with 0.7 & 0.8mm in thickness.
  • These Nets are transparent & Semi-transparent and do not block the views or the flow of air.
  • Our net are easy to clean, maintain and install
  • Standard rates range between Rs.18-24 per square feet and are entirely dependent on quality.
  • We offer a long-term, dependable method of bird control for a wide range of bird and pigeon problems.

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Quality Service Is Our Guarantee Delivering The Results

At Durga Safety Nets Quality is the Atmost Priority Factor Hence we source from the finest manufacturers to retain our Brand Name.

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