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Coconut Tree Safety Nets In Bangalore

Durga safety nets offer coconut tree safety netting, which safeguards people and vehicles from coconuts and other falling objects towards the ground. Coconuts are often seen falling from trees, sometimes injuring passerby. Prevent such kind of situation by getting out coconut nets in your homes, apartments, office locality. Durga coconut tree nets are the wide range of coconut safety nets in Bangalore, which is widely appreciated among Bangalore due to it’s high strength, thickness and fine finishing.

Our company provides all kinds of coconut safety nets in various sizes and colors to our customers at market cheapest prices. We at Durga safety nets use only ISO certified monkey nets and well tested safety nets renowned brands like Garware, Tuff ropes with HDPE material for long durability and consistency for our customers.

Our Benefits

  1. No Installation Cost
  2. Strong Coconut Tree Fall Protection Nets
  3. Vast collection of Materials
  4. Most Durable Nets & Lowest Price
  5. We are able to offer customised and modify manufactured safety nets
    100% satisfaction guarantee
  6. Durga Enterprises Assurance